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Avishai WoolPrior to co-founding AlgoSec, Avishai Wool co-founded Lumeta Corporation in 2000 as a spin out of Bell Labs, and was its Chief Scientist until 2002. At Lumeta, Dr. Wool was responsible for transforming the firewall analyzer technology he helped develop at Bell Labs into a commercial product. Prior to Lumeta, Dr. Wool was a technical staff member at Bell Labs’ Secure Systems Research Department, where he led a team of researchers who created the first research prototypes for the firewall analyzer. He has published more than 90 research papers and holds 13 US Patents, and has served on the program committee of the leading IEEE and ACM conferences on computer and network security. Dr. Wool has a B.Sc. (Cum Laude) in Mathematics and Computer Science, and a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Articles by Avishai Wool

Don’t Get Lost In Translation When Managing Mixed Firewall Estates

Professor Avishai Wool, CTO at AlgoSec, looks at how organizations can ensure all of their firewalls work together consistently and cohesively across large heterogenous networks The first commercial firewall, the DEC SEAL, shipped in 1992. 25 years later the firewall is still the core building block of organizations’ security infrastructures.  Of course, it has evolved …


Back To Basics: How Simple Techniques Can Thwart Complex APT Attacks

Professor Avishai Wool, CTO and Co-Founder of AlgoSec, discusses how organizations’ basic network structure can help or hinder APT attacks. Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are among the most insidious cyberattacks faced by businesses today. We’ve all heard of the Stuxnet worm, and other high-profile attacks including the 2014 Sony Pictures Entertainment hack, described by one observer …

Host-based or Network-based Firewalls

Host-based or Network-based Firewalls: Which Is the Right Option for Cloud Security?

If you’re moving applications to the cloud, then you need to protect them and the data they process. Firewalls are the cornerstone of these security controls – but public or private cloud deployments present organizations with two main options for deploying firewalls. The first option is to use host-based firewalling. This means not using any …

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AWS Security

AWS Security : What You Need to Know

Examines some of the key security features of Amazon Web Services and provides tips on best practice If you’re considering migrating your business applications to a public cloud, the chances are that you’ve looked into Amazon Web Services. With its higher capacity and wide range of cloud services, AWS has become the most popular choice …

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