Ashesh Shah

Ashesh-shahMr. Ashesh Shah is the CEO of Fusion Informatics Ltd. and co-founder of Digital Infoware Pvt. Ltd., which are progressive enterprises in the field of web, software, and mobile application development services.

Articles by Ashesh Shah

mobile security

Five Vulnerabilities To Look For In Mobile App Security And Ways To Fix Them

Mobile Application Security still has a long way to go, especially when you look at the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) study, saying that when 36,000 apps passed through 10 privacy checks, 96% of those failed in at least one of them. The same study three years ago, revealed 97% of 2000 apps, failing in at …

Network Security

Simply Ways to Deal with Network Security when Accessing Mobile Internet

“A few cyber security tips and ways to be alert, helping you great deal in tackling safe and secured Internet, if something suspicious takes place online.” The images you see in daily lives on your smartphone, is just the single most representation of large amounts of data present in the mobile arena. Mobile devices carry …