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Allan Liska, Solutions Architect at Recorded Future

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2018 Ransomware Trends

Opportunistic Ransomware is generally on the decline Ransomware worked well for so long because bad guys made money, and made money quickly from ransomware campaigns. Starting in 2017 and continuing to 2018 there has a been a steady decline in ransomware campaigns. The reasons for that are twofold, but interconnected: Exploit Kits (EK) have virtually disappeared. …


Vendors Rush To Patch Meltdown And Spectre Vulnerabilities

Executive Summary Two vulnerabilities, potentially dating back to as far as 1995 and affecting almost all processors, have been disclosed by security researchers. The vulnerabilities, dubbed Meltdown and Spectre, are information disclosure vulnerabilities that allow an attacker to use a malicious program to potentially see any information any other program is storing in memory. There …