Alexander Garcia-Tobar

Aalexander-garcia-tobarlexander García-Tobar is CEO and co-founder at ValiMail, the world’s only provider of automated email authentication services, located in San Francisco, CA. Alexander has deep roots in the email authentication and cybersecurity space as a global executive and advisor at Agari, ValiCert, and Sygate. A veteran entrepreneur, he has held various positions at high tech companies such as Lattice3D, SyncTV, and Individual. Prior to that he worked at leading research and consulting firms such as The Boston Consulting Group and Forrester Research.

Articles by Alexander Garcia-Tobar

Shadow IT And The Challenge Of Controlling The Cloud

“Shadow IT” sounds like something you might see in a thriller starring Matt Damon, but it’s a clear and present danger for IT pros. It refers to the practice of people throughout a company setting up their own IT services without consulting with the IT department. It’s easy to do, thanks to the “consumerization of …