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AAEAAQAAAAAAAALxAAAAJGM3ZmIyNTg1LTVlMDAtNDA5ZC05NjFmLTQyY2E5MGVkMGRmNAAlex Clark-McGlenn is currently taking his MFA in creative writing from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts. He has been published in eFiction Magazine, Inkwell at Evergreen, Slightly West Literary Magazine, and appeared in Smokebox Literary Magazine July, 2014. He currently lives in Bellingham, Washington.

Articles by Alex Clark-McGlenn

Hacker Horror Stories

Learn Data Security Lessons from Hacker Horror Stories

You should never have one password for all your accounts. Yet you probably recycle some passwords more than is recommended. If hackers get their hands on your email password, they can systematically change the passwords of your other accounts. Instead, use many different, randomly generated passwords. This can decrease your risk, though not eliminate it …