What Cybersecurity Lessons Can We Learn From The First Lockdown?

Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recommendation to work from home at the end of September, many people in the UK will have begun to do so in October, invoking feelings of embarkation on Lockdown 2.0. October is also European Cybersecurity Month and, as employees again move away from the office and the additional protection it brings, this is a crucial juncture for individuals and businesses alike to reflect on what we can learn from the first lockdown.

Jake Moore, Cybersecurity Specialist,  ESET
October 08, 2020
The fourth and final lesson is that this moment is very different to the initial lockdown.
Firstly, we need to look at how employees are equipped. We rushed to work from home back in March, which in some cases led to a patchwork of company-issued and personal devices. Now, if possible, it would be good to see all employees using company computers that have been secured and protected against threats. However, this is not always feasible – and if workers are using personal computers ....
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