What Can Banks Do When Smartphone Biometrics Are Compromised – Expert Advise

At this year’s GeekPwn 2019 conference in Shanghai, hackers made an incredible claim: they could unlock any smartphone fingerprint scanner in under half an hour.

The X-Lab team asked members of the audience at the event to touch a glass. The fingerprints left behind were then photographed using a smartphone and passed through an app that the hackers developed. The team did not reveal their precise methodology, but the app is thought to extract the data required to clone a fingerprint using a 3D printer most probably.

Sarah Whipp, CMO and Head of Go to Market Strategy,  Callsign
November 06, 2019
We can begin to learn and define user profiles with a 99.7% accuracy.
The issue here is two-fold, the most obvious being that customers are at risk of having their accounts accessed without their knowledge, and that there should be additional layers of authentication on top of a fingerprint alone. The other issue is that it could cause a huge amount of friction for banking customers who could be forced to manually change their phone settings to boost security levels ....
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