Warns of Netflix Malware and Scams

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Hackers are mixing in fake Netflix files with downloaders to grab banking information. They have also combined some phishing attacks. Craig Young, computer security researcher for cyber security company Tripwire have the following comments on it.

Craig Young, Cybersecurity Researcher at Tripwire :

“The malvertising industry is booming and its perpetrators will use any trick they can think of to extend their reach into your computer. These insidious advertisements often look very convincing even for experienced computer users, but can lead to dire consequences when clicked. In this case, users need to remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. For example, advertising offering a free or greatly discounted Netflix subscription should raise an eyebrow of incredulity. Most importantly though, installing software on your computer is generally not needed to use Netflix, but of course many people who have not used the service or are less technical will not know this. When in doubt, uploading any downloaded programs to a service like VirusTotal is a good precaution. Their system scans files with a long list of popular antivirus tools, and although it will never be 100% accurate, it provides a good insight into the trustworthiness of a download. Website URLs can also be vetted with the VirusTotal service, but the results may not be as reliable as scanning a file.”

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