Wannacry Cyberattack Cost NHS £92m – DHSC

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Following the news around the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) estimating that the WannaCry ransomware attack cost the NHS £92m in disruption to services and IT upgrades, Matt Lock, Director of Sales Engineers at Varonis offers the following comments.

Matt Lock, Director of Sales Engineers at Varonis:

“When ransomware hits an organization, much is discussed about the cost in terms of rebuilding infrastructure, restoring digital records and getting systems back online. In the case of the NHS, we may never truly know or be able to quantify the ultimate cost of the WannaCry attack because human lives may have been affected by a delayed ambulance or incorrect treatment.

Ransomware, or any cyberattack that has the potential to bring down critical infrastructure, then transitions from being a business issue to a public safety issue. Attackers will strike again, whether for profit or to sow mistrust and confusion, and the organisations the public relies on must be prepared.”

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