US Warns About North Korean Hacker Group’s 8-Year-Long Attack Spree

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News broke earlier this week that the U.S. government issued an alert on the activities of a hacking group it called “Hidden Cobra,” saying the group was part of the North Korean government. The joint alert from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation said that “cyber actors of the North Korean government” had targeted the media, aerospace and financial sectors, as well as critical infrastructure, in the United States and globally. Sean Newman, Director at Corero Network Security commented below.

Sean Newman, Director at Corero Network Security:

“Recent reports of the way in which North Korea’s has been executing DDoS attacks, is completely in line with the types of attacks Corero sees on a regular basis – most attacks are relatively small, and often surgically crafted, aiming to complete their mission without triggering detection mechanisms or raising suspicion that an attack might be in progress.This is counterintuitive to most people’s perception of DDoS attacks, but is set to be the new normal where DDoS is used as part of broader multi-vector attacks.”

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