US Police Dept Hit By Ransomware For Second Time In One Month

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Following recent news of a US police force being hit by ransomware attacks within the space of just one month, Niall Sheffield, Lead Solutions Engineer at SentinelOne commented below. 

Niall Sheffield, Lead Solutions Engineer at SentinelOne:

“Stories like this are incredibly common, with initial infections often leaving companies with back-door channels that survive the clean-up mechanisms. This incident particularly highlights however the importance of being able to stop these solutions in real-time, as although the backup solution has meant that the amount of data “lost” has been minimal, for most organisations having to input several hours/days records to recover lost work would be a task that costs time/money.

If the backup solution had also been affected, then the civil cost in terms of records and investigations could have been tremendous, therefore strong protection on endpoints is essential.”

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