US Government Pushes Back On Scale Back Of Whois Information

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News broke yesterday that the New NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration) chief has pushed back on the planned efforts to scale back Whois information, in order to comply with the incoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Tim Chen, CEO at DomainTools commented below.

Tim Chen, CEO at DomainTools:

“Whois data has been a critical resource in defending the openness, transparency and security of the internet. The security and protection of individuals, employees, customers, brands, IP and a host of other important assets and constituencies will continue to depend on understanding who owns and controls resources on the internet. At a time when Whois data is under duress from EU data protection regulations, from within ICANN itself, and even from the Registrars and Registries that collect and store this data, it is very encouraging to hear the US government recognise the role that WHOIS data plays in protecting the interests of ‘all Internet stakeholders.”

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