UK Police Force Offer 120,000 Police Officers Cyber Security Training

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Following the news around the UK police forces offering 120,000 police officers cyber security training, Stephen Burke, founder & CEO at Cyber Risk Aware offers the following comment.

Stephen Burke, Founder & CEO at Cyber Risk Aware:

“This is a great move from the police force by making security awareness a priority. This emphasises the fact that any institution, no matter how big they are and no matter how sophisticated their technical defence are, still need to help staff and make them become aware of the cyber dangers they face as that’s how actors are going to breach defences.

Cyber criminals target people not systems and only by thinking like your adversary can you defend against their methods. It goes without saying that technical defences are necessary requirements, but this coupled with people becoming more cyber aware, is a defence that can work effectively against cybercrime.

By having a cyber risk aware police force, they can better assist the public around responding to a cyber incident or running community courses before an incident occurs.”

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