UK And Australia Open Joint Data-Privacy Investigation Into Clearview AI

As reported by CNET, the governments of the UK and Australia are investigating a facial recognition company that grabbed billions of people’s pictures from across the internet for use in its database. The inquiry will look at Clearview AI and whether its scraping and handling of data violated the UK Data Protection Act and the Australian Privacy Act.

The joint investigation comes three days after the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada said that Clearview AI will be leaving Canada in response to a separate investigation by that agency. The office of Canada’s privacy commissioner said it’s still investigating how Canadian police used the facial recognition tool, and how Clearview AI would delete data belonging to Canadians.

Tim Mackey, Principal Security Strategist,  Synopsys CyRC
July 10, 2020
Eventually I predict it will exit the UK and Australian markets as it’s done in Canada.
It really hasn’t been a good few months for facial recognition companies. Starting with the revelation of a data breach at Clearview AI, jurisdictions around the world have put in place moratoriums on the use of facial recognition technologies by law enforcement. Facial recognition is a form of artificial intelligence meaning that building a business around it requires a source of training data. ....
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Jake Moore, Cybersecurity Specialist,  ESET
July 10, 2020
facial recognition is still in its early immature phase
Facial recognition systems have evolved at such a rapid pace that they can now identify an individual remarkably quickly. We just need to stay mindful that when correlated with social media data, it can quickly profile us and know far more than just our movements - and sometimes without explicit consent from the people in the imagery. Furthermore, facial recognition is still in its early immature ....
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