TrialWorks Held Up By Ransomware

TrialWorks, a company that provides legal case management software solutions for the legal industry has been hit with ransomware that  barred lawyers from accessing their legal documents and disrupted court proceedings.

Elad Shapira, Head of Research,  Panorays
October 29, 2019
Because of the attack, not only were deadlines at risk of being missed, but hours that would have been billable were lost.
The recent attack on TrialWorks illustrates how cyberattacks, including ransomware, can have a significant direct negative financial effect on organizations connected to the target. In this case, the ransomware attack on TrialWorks caused a Denial of Service attack on their customers. This resulted in shutting down work for law firms and lawyers that depended on TrialWorks to store important legal ....
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