The Prevalence Of Cryptojacking

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Cryptojacking has increased 400% during 2018 according to Kaspersky Labs. Security researchers says cryptojackers are now using malware scripts to access people’s computers to mine cryptocurrencies.

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Mike Bittner, Digital Security & Operations Manager at The Media Trust:

“There are several reasons why cryptojacking has overtaken ransomware in popularity among bad actors. It requires less work to execute, the likelihood of payoff is greater, and it requires little to no interaction with the unsuspecting victim. Once hackers install cryptomining JavaScript on a website, they will be able to siphon CPU power from every visitor to that site for mining coins. Victims will only notice their battery power running out more quickly than normal. To prevent users from being cryptojacked, website owners should ensure they know all third-party code running on their site by having experts scan their sites for any that are unauthorized.”

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