Security Vulnerabilities In Android Devices Differ Drastically By Region – Security Intelligence Expert Reaction

Android smartphone devices produced by the world’s most prominent manufacturers, including Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi, are being openly shipped and sold with radically different levels of on-board security in different countries, according to researchers at Finland’s F-Secure.

Christoph Hebeisen, Director, Security Intelligence Research,  Lookout
May 28, 2020
Users should ensure they always apply the most recent updates to their devices.
Android devices usually arrive preloaded with a number of apps (and sometimes other customisations) added by the manufacturer and, often, the carrier too. Like all apps, these can suffer from vulnerabilities and thereby expose the user to security and privacy risks. What makes these apps special is that the user may not be able to remove them, and, in some cases, they have additional privileges n ....
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