Security Is Making Remote Working Too Difficult

According to recent research by Capita, Organisations are failing to adequately support secure remote working practices.

Despite the undoubted productivity benefits stemming from more flexible working practices, only half (52%) of the 2000 UK knowledge workers Capita surveyed said BYOD was an option for them. Even fewer, just 14%, said they were encouraged to use their own device.

The vast majority of employees (92%) said they believe it’s the organisation’s job to secure remote working, yet over two-fifths (42%) claimed current security policies make it difficult to do their job.

Infosecurity Magazine has covered the report in more detail here.

Stuart Sharp, VP of Solution Engineering,  OneLogin
September 16, 2019
Working practices must evolve in order to not fall behind the times, however, as we evolve, so do the threats.
At the moment, we’re heavily reliant on on-premises networks and desktop technologies. However, as we transition into the cloud and out of the office, it is the responsibility of organisations to ensure that their employees – wherever in the world they may be – are accessing company files safely and securely.The distributed and diverse workforce of the future is just that, the future. Workin ....
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