Security Expert Re: Maze Ransomware Attacks ST Engineering’s U.S. Aerospace Subsidiary

The Maze Ransomware gang breached and successfully encrypted the systems of VT San Antonio Aerospace (VT SAA), a subsidiary of ST Engineering, one of Asia’s largest defense and engineering groups, as well as stole and leaked unencrypted files in April 2020 through a compromised administrator account.

Colin Bastable, CEO ,  Lucy Security
June 09, 2020
Treat people as part of a holistic defense strategy.
The fact that “ a compromised Administrator account” was the entry point for the Maze ransomware breach will be lost on most people. The truth is that hackers breached VT SAA’s defenses by bypassing their Maginot Line, or, perhaps more appropriately for the shareholders of ST Aerospace - the guns were pointing the wrong way. In other words, the hackers succeeded by going around VT’s cybe ....
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