Security Expert Re: Data Care Act introduced To Help Protect Consumers’ Personal Data Online

The Data Care Act was introduced in the Senate on Tuesday, to add a new layer of accountability for companies that fail to secure users’ personal data online.

Senators Renew Effort to Safeguard People’s Data Online

The bill would make companies subject to fines from the Federal Trade Commission if they poorly protect data.

Colin Bastable, CEO ,  Lucy Security
December 05, 2019
Consumers would benefit from compensation being paid to them directly.
"Most businesses have zero idea about how much consumer data they are responsible for, so they should start auditing and managing their data now, to get ahead of the legislative game. Third party risk, either driven by outsourcing or as a result of businesses and government departments monetizing data, plays a big part in the problem of data theft and abuse, because the assumption is that liabilit ....
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