Rise In Hospital Cyber Attacks

Following the news about the rise in hospital cyber attacks, Wieland Alge, General Manager EMEA at Barracuda Networks commented below.

Wieland Alge, General Manager EMEA at Barracuda Networks:

wieland-Alge“Healthcare records holding sensitive and personal data are 100 times more valuable than stolen credit card details, so it comes as no surprise to us that the NHS is being increasingly targeted by attackers.

While the digital security in medical devices has yet to be standardised, hospitals and other medical facilities cannot just wait until devices become secure and safe. They must build resilient infrastructures that protect their patients from attack and exploitation.

Many of these facilities are not prepared to run networks populated by guests, patients, staff, crucial medical data and applications, administrative data and applications, a growing number of medical apparatuses, and now an inflationary growing number of wearable devices. A truly secure medical network infrastructure likely contains more firewalls than patients. A combination of a layered security approach and educating users/employees offers the best approach to remaining ransomware free.”

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