Response Comment: Google Hit By Global Login Outage

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Google experienced a global outage last night, preventing users from logging in to the company’s many applications, including Gmail and Google Docs and any site that allows access via a Google account.  

Expert Comments: 

Tim Dunton, MD at Nimbus Hosting:

“In an age where Google’s core services and platforms, such as Gmail and Google Drive, are used so heavily for the transfer of essential information in business – it is simply not acceptable that a faulty IT infrastructure can render the service completely useless for its millions of users. 

Google’s statement that they will conduct an ‘internal investigation of the issue’ is certainly the correct step towards preventing any future issues which could cause even more downtime for consumers. But, moving forward, its essential that all social media, messaging and software providers recognise the importance of a safe, cybersecure platform as an essential component of the services that we use on such a regular basis.” 



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