Researchers Obtain A Command Server Used By North Korean Hacker Group

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Following the news that researchers have been handed a seized server believed to be used by North Korean Hackers to launch dozens of targeted attacks last year, Corin Imai, senior security advisor at DomainTools, provides the following commentary. 

Corin Imai, Senior Security Advisor at DomainTools:

“Being able to pinpoint where the malware campaign originated from is incredibly valuable information for the purpose of protecting critical national infrastructures.   

Attributing cyberattacks to specific groups is becoming increasingly difficult given the level of sophistication of the techniques they employ, but these findings are encouraging and will help to shed light on the interests of foreign actors. Governments have realised that cyber has become the newest battleground, and it is paramount to keep up the efforts and invest in research to uncover the intentions of international criminal campaigns, whose success could threaten the democratic process on an unprecedented scale. 

Alongside this valuable research, large educational campaigns should be implemented to raise awareness on the cybersecurity practices that could help keep organisations safe: while researchers work on investigating and shutting down criminal operations, an informed workforce could be the best shield governmental bodies have against these kinds of attacks.” 


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