Racoon Malware Steals Data From 60 Apps – Expert Comments

According to researchers, Racoon Malware can extract sensitive data from about 60 applications and is distributed under the MaaS (malware-as-a-service) model for $75/week or $200/month.

Erich Kron, Security Awareness Advocate,  KnowBe4
February 25, 2020
Training users to spot and report phishing emails is by far the most effective way to stop the attacks cold.
This is an example of the modern world of malware. By selling this as malware as a service (MaaS) model, the attackers know they can have a continuous revenue stream and the customers know they are more likely to have updates and improved features over time. With an investment of $200 per month for the malware, plus another $65 to send 50,000 phishing emails, attackers stand to make substantial ....
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