Pupils Aren’t Taking ICT And The Digital Skills Gap Is Widening

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A new report was released from the University of Roehampton today, which looks at how many pupils achieved GCSE and A-level computing qualifications in 2017. The report shines a light on the digital skills gap. Key stats include that just 12% of UK students choose to take ICT at GCSE, and just 20% of those who do take the subject are girls. Trish Burridge, Director of Consulting Services EMEA at Skillsoft commented below.

Trish Burridge, Director of Consulting Services EMEA at Skillsoft:

“Not only are these worrying statistics for the tech industry, but the corporate landscape as a whole.  Every industry in some way has been disrupted by technology.  Businesses want employees with the digital skills needed to meet the demands of the modern workplace.

Organisations are increasingly turning to training programmes to upskill their current employees.  If young women do not have a strong digital skills base when entering the workforce, they will undoubtedly be at a disadvantage against other candidates that do.”

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