POTUS Twitter Taken Down Briefly By Employee On Last Day

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It’s been reported that the Donald Trump’s presidential Twitter account was taken down by an employee who was on their last day. 40 Million followers disappeared from the account. Jackson Shaw, Sr Director of Products at One Identity commented below.

Jackson Shaw, Sr Director of Products at One Identity:

“The employee was able to go rogue because there was insufficient protection of Trump’s Twitter account. I’m sure there was no process to take the rogue employee’s access away when he or she resigned. In fact, I’m sure their access was informally given: “Here’s the Twitter password” versus actually granting access by an Identity Access Management or Privileged Access Management system.

“This goes to show that Twitter and other social media accounts count as privileged accounts and should be treated just as if they are part of a company’s most valuable IT assets. Reputation has incalculable value – as shown in this example. It should be protected accordingly.”

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