Personal Websites taken Offline With Web Host Moonfruit

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You may have seen the news this morning that Moonfruit has taken websites offline following a cyber-attack threat. Thousands of business and personal websites have been taken offline with web host Moonfruit deciding to make its customers’ websites unavailable for “up to 12 hours” in order to make infrastructure changes. DDoS attacks are bad for businesses all year round but the timing of this attack could hugely affect any businesses hoping to make the most of the pre-Christmas rush, particularly for any companies selling Christmas cards and gifts on their website. Paul Heywood, Managing Director and VP of EMEA at Dyn, have following comments on this news and what it may mean for affected businesses.

Paul Heywood, Managing Director and VP of EMEA at Dyn :

“As we can see, DDoS attacks are not only a nightmare to deal with – they can have very real, detrimental consequences for businesses. At this time of year, it is so important for businesses to take necessary precautions to avoid such attacks in order to avoid outages which result in a loss of revenue and damaged brand reputation. Outsourcing to a managed DNS provider who can redirect site visitors to hosts that aren’t down with advanced features like load balancing and performance monitoring is one way to do just this. This Christmas, customers will only be willing to spend their money with businesses who not only offer the best prices for products, but who also provide the best and most consistent online customer experience. By preparing for DDoS attacks and offering high quality online experiences 24/7, businesses can ensure powerful, positive brand perception all year round.”

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