NYC Schools Ban Zoom – Cybersecurity/Privacy Experts Comment

Over the weekend, it was reported that Schools in New York City are moving away from using the video conference app Zoom after a review of security concerns. The city’s Department of Education is directing schools to “move away from using Zoom as soon as possible,” Danielle Filson, a department spokeswoman, told CNN in a statement.

Paul Bischoff, Privacy Advocate,  Comparitech
April 08, 2020
It's much less ad hoc and easier to secure from an operational perspective.
Zoom has a couple of issues that make it tough to secure in a school environment. The problem isn't really with Zoom's security, but more with operational security among those who use it. Teachers might not configure their Zoom settings correctly, allowing third parties to enter virtual classrooms, for example. Invite links and codes are tough to keep private. Zoom also collects a fair amount of p ....
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Chris Rothe, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer,  Red Canary
April 08, 2020
Again, the big benefit of Zoom is that it "just works" which is a massively important benefit in the impossible IT environment.
Ultimately, the concerns raised with Zoom in the last few weeks are a great illustration of the balance of usability and security. From the start Zoom was built to be a video conferencing platform that "just works." In order to get that "it just works" user experience, they did some things that are questionable or just wrong from a security perspective. You might ask why these issues are coming to ....
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Mark Bower, Senior Vice President ,  comforte AG
April 08, 2020
Data security is tough to get right, but organizations need to take it extremely seriously more than ever before.
Looking behind the concerns over collaboration tools uncovers very real reasons organizations ban them swiftly. There should be no surprise organizations like SpaceX and NASA banned it immediately: they are regulated under ITAR rules, with extremely harsh violation risks including executive jail time for data leakage outside very tightly controlled ecosystems for national security control, data pr ....
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