New Malware Plaguing Hospitality & Entertainment Industries

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A new, stealth, point-of-sale malware campaign has been discovered by Flashpoint that targets the hospitality and entertainment industries to skim credit card information. 

Don Duncan, Security Engineer at NuData Security: 

“The hospitality and entertainment industries have been hit particularly hard this year by cybercriminals. Point of sale (POS) devices on the network have been the bullseye for hackers who are skimming credit card information at an alarming rate and this stealth malware campaign is a prime example. While keeping POS machines updated is a good defense, cybercriminals are going to continue to find ways to break through. However, companies can mitigate the damage after the credit card data is stolen by identifying customers through their online behavior instead of credit card numbers. Analyzing online behavior combined with hundreds of other identifiers that hackers can’t imitate allows companies to stop fraud from a different angle. This can be combined with the new 3DS protocol that uses ten times more data to assess the validity of a transaction online, avoiding reliance on the credit card information, which could have been stolen”. 


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