Netflix Phishing Scam Targeting Users

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Thousands of Netflix customers have been targeted by a phishing attack, the scam is aiming to fool customers into handing over their credit card details. Raj Samani, Fellow and Chief Scientist at McAfee commented below.

Raj Samani, Fellow and Chief Scientist at McAfee:

raj_samani“It is extremely concerning to hear that thousands of Netflix customers could have been hit by a somewhat sophisticated phishing scam this morning. Yet, sadly it isn’t all surprising. Phishing attacks remain the most common method of manipulating individuals into clicking on links and ultimately installing malicious content onto their systems. Taking advantage of trusted, well-known brands attempts to leverage the use of authority, resulting in the incoming messages to appear trusted to the consumer.

“People must be wary of unexpected emails, even if they are cited as being from a sender they know. Think twice before acting; go straight to the source through a different communication channel if you receive a link you were not expecting. Also, hover over links to see if it is a reliable URL. Or search online for mentions of the incident to gauge its legitimacy. Recent research from McAfee demonstrated that identity theft is a third of Brits’ top online security concerns. As such, we must stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals and caution is the best way forward here.”

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