National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Securing Devices At Home And Work

2020 saw a major disruption in the way many work, learn, and socialise online. Our homes and businesses are more connected than ever.  With more people now working from home, these two internet-connected environments are colliding on a scale we’ve never seen before, introducing a whole new set of potential vulnerabilities that users must be conscious of. Week 2 of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month will focus on steps users and organisations can take to protect internet-connected devices for both personal and professional use.

Andrea Carcano, Co-founder and CPO,  Nozomi Networks
October 12, 2020
Ensure all devices and services are patched.
The remote access genie is out of the bottle and the longer it’s on the loose, the harder it’s going to be to put it back in. While many employees like their new-found flexibility, it’s created operational technology (OT) system security headaches for chief information security officers CISOs. COVID-19 has forced organisations to rethink traditional work environments, and many employees are ....
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