Multiple Hacking Groups Attempt To Skim Credit Cards From Perricone MD – Experts View

According to researchers, multiple European websites for the Perricone MD anti-aging skin-care brand have been infected with scripts that steal customer payment card info when making a purchase. Two Magecart groups were competing for the credit card data on sites in the U.K., Italy, and Germany, but current evidence shows that only one exfiltrated the details successfully.

Ameet Naik, Security Evangelist ,  PerimeterX
January 13, 2020
Companies must take steps to monitor the behavior of both first and third-party scripts on their website.
In November of 2019, PerimeterX researchers uncovered a new trend of multiple Magecart attacks active on a website at the same time. With the proliferation of attack tools, it is becoming increasingly easier for multiple attackers to target websites without necessarily coordinating with each other. This further amplifies the risk of data breaches occurring from the client side, putting e-commerce ....
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