Moggmentum Linked To Kremlin Twitter Output

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The Byline times recently released social media research which indidcates that the #Moggmentum campaign aimed at boosting support for a Conservative party led by hard-Brexit supporter Jacob Rees-Mogg is being backed by social media accounts associated with Russia’s pro-Brexit interference campaign.

Corin Imai, Senior Security Advisor at DomainTools:

“The news that the Kremlin’s extensive covert social media apparatus has been mobilised behind the ‘grassroots’ campaign to have Jacob Rees-Mogg become the next UK PM should come as no surprise; As an ardent Brexiter Rees-Mogg would be a welcome change to the current leadership in the eyes of a Russia who want to see the European Union weakened. What is as surprising as it is worrying is that #Moggmentum has been presented as a grassroots social media campaign supported by Conservative members. It shows how difficult campaigns of interference in domestic political matters can be to spot. Social media companies and individuals who get their news from these websites need to engage with a comprehensive campaign to root out outside influence in political matters – Failure to do so could place democracy in the UK at risk.”

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