Massachusetts Hospital Notifies 10K Patients Of Data Breach

Boston-based Massachusetts General Hospital has begun notifying 10,000 patients that their personal health information may have been exposed in a data breach, according to the Boston Globe. An unauthorized third party gained access to two computer programs used by researchers in the hospital’s neurology department in June. Massachusetts General Hospital took immediate steps to secure the programs. Patient data that may have been affected included names, dates of birth, medical record numbers and medical histories. No Social Security numbers or financial information were affected.

Jonathan Deveaux, Head of Enterprise Data Protection,  comforte AG
August 26, 2019
The decision to not include data in a database is a good decision from a data privacy point of view.
Another case of data breach dejavu. A quick web search of the phrase “MGH Data Breach” via Google returns results for the data breach just announced, as well as a previous data breach on Massachusetts General Hospital that happened May 2016. The initial report about the recently announced data breach states that the sensitive data was located in databases used by MGH researchers. The 2 ....
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Ben Goodman, Senior Vice President, Global Business and Corporate Development,  ForgeRock
August 26, 2019
Massachusetts General Hospital joins the ranks of Eye Care Associates, Bayview Dental and Managed Health Services (MHS) of Indiana.
The healthcare industry was victimized by 363 total breaches in 2018, according to findings from the Identity Theft and Resource Center, and as a result nearly 10 million total records were exposed. Hospitals are a prime target for threat actors as patients’ protected health information (PHI) can easily be sold on the dark web and used to commit fraud, access medical care in the victims’ name, ....
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