Many Adults Want To Reskill For Cybersecurity Careers

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A new survey from Champlain College Online shows that not only are the majority of Americans concerned about cybersecurity threats, but many are willing to consider returning to college to pursue a cybersecurity education. Of the 1,004 adults surveyed, 41 percent said they would probably or definitely consider returning to college to earn a certificate or degree to prepare for a cybersecurity job. However, willingness rose to 72 percent if current employers were willing to pay for respondents’ education in preparation for an in-house cybersecurity job. Those respondents most willing to consider pursuing an employer-funded cyber education were between the ages of 35 and 44.

James Hadley, CEO & Founder at Immersive Labs: 

“This is great news for employers wanting to up-skill their workforce in digital cyber skills. Whilst there is a cyber security skills shortage, academic and certification hiring approaches are now becoming outdated, and don’t often equip the individual with the practical hands-on skills required in cyber security. Organisations should invest in cyber workforce platforms to help identify hidden talent and enable individuals to jumpstart their cyber security careers through self-paced and practical hands-on challenge based learning.”

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