Magecart Scripts Steal Credit Card Info On Counterfeit Sneaker Sites

Sites selling counterfeit kicks have sprung up to capitalize on demand for the latest Nike and Adidas sneakers. To add insult to injury, hackers are now targeting these sites to install malicious Magecart scripts that also steal your credit card information.

Jason Kent, Hacker in Residence,  Cequence Security
December 13, 2019
A well-organized team could drive the demand and orchestrate the shopping experience to create a carding service that fed itself.
Circular flows in any system are interesting to watch and see how they follow one another. The stolen credit card sold by a carder is used to purchase a desirable item (like sneakers); that item is then sold on a legitimate site (possibly Ebay) for market value, thus laundering the transaction and creating value for the malicious merchant. The legitimate site is then compromised by an attacker u ....
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