Magecart Attacks Expand – Expert Comments

The Malwarebytes research team has linked the Cobalt and Group 4 cybercriminal teams with Magecart. Their findings show that Group 4 is conducting server-side attacks as well as client-side skimming:

Deepak Patel, Security Evangelist,  PerimeterX
October 07, 2019
Data is exfiltrated bypassing the website owner’s infrastructure unbeknownst to the site owner and the site user.
Magecart groups are slowly being discovered. Unfortunately, It can be difficult to stop them due to the lack of awareness about the vulnerabilities inherent in third-party code on the client side. Attackers continue to exploit the client-side security blind spot within web applications. The complexity of Magecart attacks is slowly coming to light as more security researchers continue to dig i ....
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