MagBo cybercrime store now selling access to 43K+ hacked servers

Shadowy online marketplace, MagBo,is selling access to more than 43,000 hacked servers, some of which belong to local and state government, hospitals, and financial organizations.

MagBo is a portal where hackers sell and buy hacked servers, is doing better than ever and has soared in popularity to become the largest criminal marketplace of its kind since its launch in the summer of 2018.

Ilia Kolochenko, CEO,  ImmuniWeb
May 15, 2020
Modern cybercrime economy has a mature division of labor aimed to increase efficiency and effectiveness of unlawful activities.
Wide scale hacking campaigns are surging at the moment. Cybercriminals are using automation to monitor websites for outdated software, then breach vulnerable websites and even install security updates to prevent rival gangs from getting in. A growing number of attackers have started to use Machine Learning to better select and prioritize their targets, boosting the ROI from their hacking campaign ....
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