M6, One Of France’s Biggest TV Channels, Hit By Ransomware

The M6 Group, France’s largest privately-owned multimedia group, was the victim of ransomware over the weekend, but none of the company’s TV and radio channels suffered any downtime.

The incident took place on Saturday morning, according to a message the company posted on its official Twitter account.

The M6 Group said they managed to contain the infection with the help of its cybersecurity staff, preventing any downtime to any of its ten TV channels, radio stations, and film studios.

Jake Moore, Cybersecurity Specialist,  ESET
October 15, 2019
Companies who demonstrate a simulation attack are far less likely to suffer long term should the real deal occur.
Rarely does a ransomware attack story have such a positive outcome. When a firm is required to stay live on TV 24/7, it is even more essential that it has the right procedures in place to mitigate an attack. The M6 Group clearly demonstrates the importance of knowing how to handle an attack and keep business as usual. Even though their emails were affected, M6 was able to show how suffering a ra ....
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