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Researchers have today published the results of a five-month-long investigation into what it has called the “largest-scale sextortion campaign” they have ever seen. What’s more, the threat actors behind the sexual blackmail scam could be using your computer to help distribute their demands for payment without your knowledge; up to 15,000 per infected computer.

Paul Bischoff, Privacy Advocate,  Comparitech
October 18, 2019
Seeing your password in plain text might cause you to panic.
If you receive an email threatening to expose your porn viewing history or other online activity, don't bite. Seeing your password in plain text might cause you to panic, but chances are you've got at least one online account for which the password has been compromised in a data breach. Those passwords are easy to come by and do not prove the attacker actually has any dirt on you. If you're still using that password, change it to something unique.

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