Jack Dorsey Twitter Hack – How Can SIM Swap Be Stopped?

On Friday afternoon Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account was hacked – later identified as a SIM swap attack. With this type of fraud a hacker either convinces or bribes a carrier employee to switch the number associated with a SIM card to another device, at which point they can intercept any two-factor authentication codes sent by text message.

Clearly everyone, even Twitter’s very own CEO is at risk of SIM swap fraud. And it’s a growing problem. In January this year, the City of London Police’s ActionFraud division showed a 63% rise in victims reporting the crime in 2017 compared to the previous year. So how can it be stopped?

Ryan Gosling, Head of Partnerships ,  Callsign
September 03, 2019
Earlier this year Callsign announced a partnership with Three UK to combat this very issue.
As mobile banking and social media has become the norm, fraud associated with these activities has become prolific. But there is a way to combat the problem: greater collaboration and partnership with telcos. By taking data from telecoms providers and cross-referencing information provided by the user during an interaction or transaction it is possible for them to flag a potentially fraudulent act ....
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