Increasing Activity Of Mirai Malware

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The incidents of Mirai malware with 60 known variants targeting the enterprise through IoT devices, has more than doubled between the first quarter of 2018 through the first quarter of 2019 according to IBM X-Force researchers.   

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Bob Noel, VP of Strategic Relationships at Plixer:  

“Without dynamic identification, classification and policy enforcement of enterprise IoT devices, they pose a serious security threat. To mitigate this threat, IoT devices must be deployed in a zero trust mode, with an enforcement policy of least privilege. Anything less leaves the business open to significant risk. IoT devices are purpose built which means that although they are full stack capable, when functioning as designed, they should only be communicating across a narrow and consistent set of IP addresses, protocols, and applications. By deploying network traffic analysis, enterprises can immediately detect and identify any anomalous IoT-related traffic that falls outside of the expected behavior, mitigating the risks posed by botnet infection.” 

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