ImmuniWeb Offers Free Web Security Support To Coronavirus-affected Businesses Moving Online

The Covid-19 salvage plan includes the provision of ImmuniWeb solutions totaling $500,000 for eligible entities and an extended version of free Community Edition for everyone.

ImmuniWeb has decided to support businesses and public sector organisations most in need amid the propagation of coronavirus crisis. Its core business is application security and compliance, hence ImmuniWeb is perfectly poised to aid the digital newcomers to safeguard their newly launched web and mobile applications, cloud and SaaS systems.

ImmuniWeb will provide a bundle of our solutions for $500,000 value for organizations and companies now migrating their workflow into the digital space because of coronavirus. ImmuniWeb will notably help:

  • Rapidly identify your external attack perimeter, including unprotected public cloud and APIs, vulnerable web and mobile apps, exposed databases and backups.
  • Measure and scorecard your security and compliance risks in actionable and easily consumable manner for informed and risk-based security testing and defense.
  • Conduct PCI DSS and GDRP audits of your business-critical web and mobile apps for all known security and privacy flaws, misconfigurations and weaknesses, including SANS Top 25.
  • Spot your stolen or leaked credentials and other confidential information on the Dark Web, cybercrime marketplaces and web resources like Pastebin.
  • Implement a continuous security monitoring with instant notifications about emerging threats and security issues.

Details on eligibility criteria and how to apply

ImmuniWeb is looking to help:

  • International organizations or governmental entities in Europe, Canada or US.


  • A solvent business existing for at least 2 years, and
  • Incorporated in Europe, Canada or US, and
  • With 30% or less of revenue stemming from online sales in 2019, and
  • With 70% or more revenue is to shift online in Q2 2020 because of Covid-19.

Fast Track

  • Governmental agencies fighting Covid-19
  • Suppliers of medical equipment and essential goods

For all other companies and organizations ImmuniWeb enhanced its free Community Offering with new features, previously available to paying customers only, and removed some daily tests limits to ensure that everyone will be able to test his or her security in just one click. The Community provides free web and mobile security testing fitted for businesses of all sizes and from all niches

Ilia Kolochenko, Founder and CEO,  ImmuniWeb
March 25, 2020
The coronavirus will disappear, while our efforts and good memories will remain.
Being a small but highly efficient business, this is a serious but a well-though engagement for ImmuniWeb that will require us to work even harder, continuously improving our award-winning AI technology to reduce costs. The DNA of ImmuniWeb® Platform is agile provision of highly efficient and effective services in a contactless, paperless and entirely online manner, adjustable for any needs or s ....
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