Hackers Linked To Iran Target WHO Staff Emails During Coronavirus – Expert Warn

In response to a Reuters report that discusses hackers working in the interests of the Iranian government have attempted to break into the personal email accounts of staff at the World Health Organization during the coronavirus outbreak, an expert from KnowBe4 offers perspective.

Erich Kron, Security Awareness Advocate,  KnowBe4
April 03, 2020
This allows employees to keep working while staying as safe from the attacks as possible.
While the intention of these attackers is not well known, the key attack method, email phishing, certainly is. Spear phishing attacks like the ones used here are how up to 91% of all successful data breaches start. By targeting the WHO during a time of crisis, certainly a time when the people working there are working long hours and under significant stress, the attackers improve their chances of ....
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