Hackers Abuse Google’s Cloud Infrastructure

Researchers have discovered that threat actors are targeting users by leveraging Google’s cloud infrastructure to infect them with malware, according to Cyware. In these campaigns, threat actors utilize the Google Cloud infrastructure service to conduct phishing by attaching Google firebase storage URLs in phishing emails. Most of the themes for the lures include payment invoices, account verifications, upgrading email accounts, change-password emails, and much more. Once the targets click on the Firebase link, they land on a supposed login page and are required to enter their credentials, which are shared with the cybercriminals.

Jake Moore, Cybersecurity Specialist,  ESET
June 02, 2020
Verifying authentic emails has never been more important, and remains your best bet in beating the fraudsters.
Phishing scams are still very common, but particularly clever attempts are increasing and can deceive even those who are aware of them. In the moment, reading something which mounts pressure on you to verify or give up information can easily make you trip up and overlook a scam. You simply cannot trust all emails, no matter what the body of the message says. Verifying authentic emails has never ....
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