Google In Legal Battle With EU Over ‘Right To Be Forgotten’

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Today, Google will try to convince Europe’s top court that the EU should not be pushing its own privacy laws on the rest of the world. The case marks the culmination of a long-running battle within Europe—but depending how the court rules, the implications could be global.

Evgeny Chereshnev, CEO and Founder at Biolink.Tech:

“Such a policy is controversial to say the least. Users are usually residents of their homelands, thus have to comply with local data regulations. Most people don’t have awareness nor understanding of their legal rights and boundaries regarding data according to their local legislation. This means that when a website asks users to comply with data tracking, and transfers their data to the US for whatever purpose, could technically be illegal in the country the user is accessing the website from.

In addition, clicking “I agree” without any other options – for example “no, I disagree or “I don’t want personalised adds and tracking” – is not a choice, but rather an ultimatum. My strong opinion is that such attitudes (no choice, and total disregard for local data regulation acts) must become illegal.

Global communities must approach this very sensitive topic. It’s a UN grade question: Do we allow people not to be tracked for whatever reasons? My answer is – free people must have such a privilege. When we are basically forced to comply with tracking, it makes us digital slaves to the corporations tracking us.”

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