GitHub DDoS Attack

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Following the news that a hacker that goes by the name of Hax Stroke has claimed to have launched a DDoS attack on GitHub last Wednesday after the company’s website experienced an outage, please see below comments from Sean Newman, director of product management at Corero Network Security.

Sean Newman, Director of Product Management at Corero Network Security:

“The latest claimed DDoS attack on GitHub is not the sort of welcome to the New Year that any organisation would wish for!  And the main concern here, for any online business, should be that there appears to be no real motive for selecting out GitHub as the target.  In an era when financial or belief driven motives have become the norm, this is a wakeup call that you can still be the target of a damaging DDoS attack on what appears to be a whim.  This should be seen as further justification, for any organisation which relies on its online presence, to deploy the latest always-on real-time DDoS protection, to ensure such attacks cannot be successful.”

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