German Politicians Personal Details Hacked

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Following the news that German politicians, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, have had their personal details hacked and published online, Caitlin Huey, senior threat intelligence analyst at EclecticIQ commented below.

 Caitlin Huey, Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst at EclecticIQ:

“The leak of personal information from German MPs seems to have come from the same source that has been regularly leaking information on German celebrities throughout December via Twitter. There are several facts that point towards this hack being orchestrated from an organisation leaning politically towards the far right. For instance, information from members of the rightwing party AfD were excluded. The now suspended Twitter account was following only a few accounts, among which was the The suspended account had also liked posts from users that were openly outspoken against refugees.

“The evidence suggests that an organisation with far-right leaning may have the strongest motivation for the leak. It could also be speculated that this was a response to the explosive that was detonated in front of one of the AfD offices yesterday. However, there is nothing conclusive at this time, and even obvious evidence can sometimes point towards a false-flag campaign.”

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