GDPR Breach Notifications Rising – Expert Reaction

According to London-based international law firm Linklaters, GDPR data breach notifications on the rise across Europe, study finds – Linklaters analysis shows 66% rise in notifications over the past year despite fall in the UK 

Across major European markets there has been an average increase of data breach notifications of 66% compared to Y1 of the GDPR.

Laurence Pitt, Global Security Strategy Director,  Juniper Networks
July 01, 2020
Pre-GDPR, many of these could have remained private.
The number of breaches reported is only impressive because of growth. What’s more interesting is the type of breaches reported. Pre-GDPR, many of these could have remained private. According to this report, the top sources for a breach are hacking and scams, sending emails to the wrong people (likely CC instead of BCC), loss of unsecured devices and inadequate security on internet available data ....
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