Funding boost to help healthcare suppliers improve cyber security: Expert Commentary

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Hundreds of the country’s vital healthcare firms are set to benefit from government funding to boost their cybersecurity, the Digital Infrastructure Minister Matt Warman announces today, as part of London Tech Week.

The move comes after the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) identified a heightened cyber threat to the UK health sector in relation to the pandemic.

  • Small and medium-sized businesses, such as medical suppliers and primary care providers, are being invited to apply for a slice of the £500,000 funding

  • The initiative will see all consultancy and certification costs covered by the government.

Phillip Hay, Head of Threat Intelligence Analysis,  Mimecast
September 11, 2020
One minor lapse of cyber hygiene can lead to a cybersecurity attack.
It is encouraging to see the government taking the cyber-threat to the healthcare industry seriously. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a significant rise in the reliance on the internet for healthcare professionals to carry out their job. From connectivity with patients, to the interconnectivity of different medical devices passing patient data, the threat vector has expanded dramatically. This has ....
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Brian Higgins, Security Specialist,
September 10, 2020
This is a nice idea but it is woefully under-funded.
This is very welcome news from the Minister and the NCSC. As we navigate our way through the COVID pandemic, cybercriminals are finding ever more vulnerable victims. The spotlight on the vital importance of health and social care providers as well as supply chains has clearly brought them to the fore as ripe for a cyberattack. That coupled with the constant threat from non-malicious insider threat ....
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Anurag Kahol, CTO,  Bitglass
September 10, 2020
Strategic investments in cybersecurity will make a significant impact on protecting healthcare businesses against cybersecurity risks.
Healthcare organisations are major targets and will see any and all lapses in security exploited by malicious individuals, both internal and external. Companies handling medical records are heavily targeted by cybercriminals, therefore, they take every precaution necessary to protect patient data. Hundreds of hospitals, medical offices, and imaging centers have contributed to over a billion expose ....
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